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Australian Football Betting

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it has many variants. One of the most interesting of them is Australian football. This sport, also known as “Footy”, is played on a cricket field with an oval ball. In Australian football, two teams of 18 players compete, and the ball can be controlled by every point of the body. At first glance, it looks like American football without protective gear, but it has some differences. For example, players are not allowed to throw the ball. The only way to pass your teammates is to throw the ball to the ground and bounce it. You can also hit the ball with any point of your body, grab it and carry it, but you have to bounce the ball onto the field within a certain amount of time. In other words, you cannot start running from one end of the field to the other holding the ball as in American Football.

Australian football is a sport that originated in Melbourne in 1858 and is now considered one of the most popular sports in the country. Football matches are the most-watched broadcast on Australian TV channels, and the official league of the sport, AFL (Australian Football League), is considered the wealthiest sporting body in Australia. AFL Grand Finals is the club championship event with the highest participation in the world – there are approximately 900,000 AFL members in this country. Australian football is also very popular in South Africa and South Pacific countries. Around 200,000 people outside Australia practice this sport, and 44% of footballers are women.

As can be guessed, Australian football betting is mostly played in Australia, but on the VulkanBet site, you can bet on AFL or other leagues from any country. Aussie rules betting is reminiscent of both soccer and American football betting in terms of the options offered. We provide more information on this below.

How to Bet on Australian Football?

Placing a bet on Australian football is not hard: like all other football variants, matches in this game end with one of the win/lose/draw outcomes. Also, there are some changes in the points of the teams at the end of each match. As you can imagine, there are many developments that can occur during the match: a player may be injured, the match may be extended, a star player may be out of the game with a red card, etc. It is possible to place a bet for all these outcomes: Aussie rules football betting is not different in this regard. You can place a bet on many things, from the match outcome to changes in points and from how many goals will be scored in total to who will be the league champion. In this context, we can say that the most popular Australian rules betting options are:

  1. Straight Bet: This is the simplest option when you bet on who will win the match.
  2. Correct Score: The bet on what the final score of the match will be. It doesn’t matter who wins/loses the match – you try to guess the score correctly.
  3. Handicap Bet: It is similar to point spread betting, and technically, it is the same. Teams are given handicap points based on how likely they are to win/lose the match, and in order to win these bets, match results must match the handicap points. For example, a team with a +1.00 handicap starts the match with a +1 goal. You win this bet as long as a result is not “lose by 2 points”.
  4. Asian Handicap: Same as handicap bets, but no bets can be placed on the draw outcome.
  5. Accumulator Bet: This is a bet where more than one selection is made in a single slip. Each selection must belong to a different match. If each one belongs to the same match, it is called a “multiple bet”. All selections must win for you to win the bet.
  6. Total: This is a bet placed on the total number of goals scored in the match. It is also possible to place it on points changes.

Australian Football Odds Explained

There are three types of betting odds: fractional, decimal and moneyline. Each of these is displayed differently, but they all contain information about what the potential earnings will be. We can explain this more clearly by giving some examples:

  • Team A 6/1

This is an example of fractional odds, also known as “British odds” or “UK odds”. The number on the right indicates the bet amount, and the number on the left shows the potential gain. So 6/1 actually means for every 1 unit you deposit, you earn 6 units. If you bet 1 EUR/GBP/USD on such a bet, 6 EUR/GBP/USD will be paid out (1 x 6).

  • Team B 4.00

This is an example of decimal odds, also known as “European odds.” It is the type of odds that is widely used in European countries and Australia. The numbers in Australian football odds show the payout you will receive for every 1 unit you deposit. So in this example, 4 units of payment will be made for 1 unit of investment. If you bet 100 EUR on such a bet, you will receive a 400 EUR payout (100 x 4).

  • Team C +585
  • Team D -760

These are examples of moneyline odds, also known as “American odds”. The numbers marked with a + sign show how much you will earn if you deposit 100 USD. So +585 means 585 USD will be paid for a 100 USD bet. The numbers indicated by the – sign are the amount of bet you have to place to win 100 USD. So -760 means you have to bet 760 USD to win 100 USD.

Decimal odds are the most common Aussie rules betting odds, and that’s why we use them for the Australian rules football betting odds format on our site. However, you can view our betting offers with other odds types, too.

Australian Football Betting Tips for Beginners

Although there is no 100% working strategy for gambling, we may share some Australian football betting tips to increase your chances of winning. These Australian soccer tips are particularly suitable for beginners, but veteran bettors can also take advantage of them.

  1. First, examine the odds in the offered bet and calculate what your potential winnings might be. As a general rule, if the odds are high, that team has a low chance to win the match. If the odds are low, that team is the favourite. You can make a consistent prediction as to who will win and who will lose just by examining the odds.
  2. Do your research. Sports bets are not like casino games where you can only rely on luck. Follow the team you’re betting on throughout the season and have the knowledge to make an accurate prediction of its performance.
  3. Remember that favourite teams underperform at the end of the season and before global tournaments: this is the best time to bet for the underdog.

Even these three Aussie rules betting tips will significantly increase your chances of winning. Of course, don’t forget to use a bonus too. VulkanBet bonuses will allow you to get a free bankroll or boost your current bankroll while betting on sports or eSports.

Place Your Bet at VulkanBet

After reading the Australian soccer betting tips above, you can now start betting on Vulkan Bet. We are one of the best online sportsbooks for all sports, including Australian football, and we offer a cash bonus for sports betting to new members. The most competitive Australian rules football odds are available at VulkanBet: we offer much more than any other bookmaker for both prematch odds and live odds.

It’s easy to understand Aussie rules odds and place a bet at VulkanBet online bookmaker site:

  • Select “Australian football” from the menu on the left after logging into your account. You will see a list of all the matches you can bet on.
  • When you select a match, all the bet types and odds we offer for that match will be displayed in the middle of the screen.
  • When you select any of them (you can choose more than one if you want), the bet slip on the right will be updated.
  • You can place your bet by clicking the “place bet” button.

Play with the Best Australian Football Odds

Betting on Australian football is easy, fast and profitable at VulkanBet: we offer sports betting at its finest and let you combine this experience with a wide selection of bonuses. Whether you enjoy prematch or live betting, you can find the best odds at VulkanBet. We support all the matches in the AFL League, but we also offer you the option to place a bet for any other Australian football event in the world. Australia, South Africa, Papua New Guinea: if people are playing Australian football somewhere out there, you can place a bet for it. Join us today and see for yourself. We wish you good luck!